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Principal Investigator


Michael C.K. Khoo




Patjanaporn (Sang) Chalacheva, PhD




Winston H. Tran





Alison Hu





John Sunwoo





Wanwara (Toey) Thuptimdang





Yunhua Ji




Fang Yang, PhD 1991

"Identification of human respiratory chemoreflex by inhalation of randomly modulated carbon dioxide and oxygen"



Steve Song-Won Ko, PhD 1995

"Dynamics of the interaction between state and respiration during arousal from sleep"



Peter Tae-Sun Kim, PhD 1996

"Modeling and estimation of heart rate variability due to respiration"




John Jangwon Shin, PhD 1998

"Fuzzy-neural control of continuous positive airway pressure therapy in sleep disordered breathing"


Musa Hakan Asyali, PhD 1998

"State and respiratory variability in obstructive sleep apnea: A modeling perspective"




Smita Garde, PhD 2000

"Nonlinear dynamics of heart rate variability in cocaine-exposed infants during sleep"


Vasily Belozeroff, PhD 2001

"A model of cardiorespiratory autoregulation in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome"




Javier Jo, PhD 2002

"Linear and nonlinear model-based assessment of autonomic control in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) during wakefulness and sleep"




Hsing-Hua Fan, PhD 2002

"Cardiorespiratory interactions in sleep apnea: a comprehensive model"




Anna Blasi, PhD 2003

"Time-varying analysis of autonomic cardiovascular control during arousal from sleep"




Zheng Lin, PhD 2005

"Noninvasive assessment of cardiovascular autonomic control in pediatric sleep-disordered breathing"




Olga Ivanova, PhD 2006

"Cardiorespiratory variability in normal and sleep-disordered breathing states: A comprehensive model"




Jarree Chaicharn, PhD 2007

"Time-varying closed-loop modeling of circulatory control in sleep-disordered breathing"




Suradej Tretriluxana, PhD 2007

"Ultadian rhythmicity of autonomic function in sleep-disordered breathing"





Limei Cheng, PhD 2009

"Integrative modeling of autonomic and metabolic interactions in sleep-disordered breathing"




Suvimol Sangkatumvong, PhD 2011

"Modeling of cardiovascular autonomic control in sickle cell disease"




Wenli Wang, PhD 2011

"Abnormalities in cardiovascular autonomic function: Independent effects of sleep-disordered breathing and impaired glucose metabolism"




Djordje Popovic, PhD 2011

"Automatic staging of sleep using only two electrodes on the forehead"





Flavia Oliveira, PhD 2011

Autonomic and metabolic effects of obstructive sleep apnea in childhood obesity




Patjanaporn Sang Chalacheva, PhD 2014

"Modeling autonomic peripheral vascular control"





Sadaf Soleymani, PhD 2015

"Modeling of neonatal hemodynamics during PDA closure"




Leonardo Nava-Guerra, PhD 2018

"Model-based phenotyping of obstructive sleep apnea in overweight adolescents for personalized theranostics"